Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jack of all Worlds

This morning, on what's for me a very long run (10 miles), a story idea popped into my head.  It was a highly unusual occurrence.

Not that having a story idea pop in my head is unusual--no, that can happen almost any time for me, but not so much when running.  While running, I kind of space out and focus on breathing.  On occasion I pray, as in: "Please, please, God let me survive the next mile!"

Ahem.  Anyway, the idea is based on the way I've heard some handymen-type-guys describe themselves: "I'm a jack of all trades, the master of none."

Once this phrase popped into my head, I thought to myself, Wouldn't it be cool if there were a multi-world universe, like The Crystal Portal, with a main character who felt fairly comfortable in all of the worlds, but not truly at home in any one of them?  His name could be "Jack" and the books could be entitled, "Jack of all Worlds, Book 1, Book 2, etc."  That might make a good set of books!

Of course, since I was running, the flow of thought was more like:  Wouldn't it be cool...if there were...(pant pant)...a multi-world...(pant pant)...universe...(pant pant).  But I think you get the idea...

As for the story idea, like all the ideas I put in this blog, it's up for grabs.  If anyone wants to make a "Jack of all Worlds" book series, be my guest.  Assuming of course, someone else hasn't already done so...



  1. I'd be praying for breath too. Only thing to figure out is how someone could feel comfortable but not "at home". What would normally constitute "belonging" and how would one be comfortable without belonging? Not expecting you to have answers. Just thinking out loud. Good idea.

  2. Caprice, I think this experience is one I can empathize with. I grew up in Montana and absolutely love that state...but I'm also really interested in foreign language and culture, which is not really Montana. So when I go there, I more or less fit it, but not completely. I like being there, but it is not completely comfortable because I'm interested in things and have opinions unlike most of the people who live there.

    A "Jack of all Worlds" character would have to be easily proficient in foreign languages, quick to learn and adopt cultural norms, probably would have visited multiple worlds growing up, even. So he could blend in casually, but he'd find himself making little gaffs from time to time, getting small things not quite right--mistakes that would show themselves to people the more time he spent around them. Which he would respond to by being a drifter from world to world, but which would also leave him longing for a place where he could relax and be himself...