Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Breen-Boussh Connection

Boussh costume of the sort worn by Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi

A Breen soldier from Star Trek Deep Space 9

Interstellar cross-time transdimensional ethnographers have unraveled an unexpected fact. The Breen, best know for the Romulan saying, "Never turn your back on a Breen" and third-rate villains (in the opinion of some) as allies of the Cadassians and Dominion against the United Federation of Planets in the Dominion War, apparently at one time discovered a secret gateway to "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away."

Available evidence suggests the gateway (or wormhole) interlinking Breen space with the Galactic Empire actually landed Breen troops into this far-removed galaxy in the early days of the Galactic Republic. The community of Breen, unable to locate Hoth (a world reported to be like their own--their helmets contain a refrigeration unit to keep them cold), underwent a number of cultural and physical adaptations allowing them to better survive hotter climates.

Eventual linguistic change transformed "Breen" into "Boussh" (according to Breen linguistics, the relationship between the terms is simple and logical). They gained fame in the galaxy as a race of bounty hunters and mercenaries to the extent that Princess Leia Organa could disguise herself as one and enter the palace of Jabba the Hut without raising any suspicion whatsoever.

Speculation that the Breen are actually the secret masterminds of the entire universe is premature at this time. Evidence available as of this point can neither confirm nor deny such claims...

(A fun suggestion for linking worlds--of course many other imaginary crossovers between story worlds based on physical similarity are possible. For example, between Vulcans and Elves...;)


Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Characters Interviewed

Our scene is a tent, someplace dusty, with wind blowing hard outside. I sit across the a wooden table from two men also seated. One I recognize from Colony Zero, the other from Medieval Mars.

  • What are your names?
My name is Simon Chang. Thus says the first man, his openly blind eyes roaming across the room, his broad Asian face adorned with a wide smile.

The second, a lightly built man with close-cropped blond hair and a thin blond mustache, glances nervously at Chang before answering. M-my born name is "Evan." Though by the grace of God, I have become a rider for my Lord Pederson, the Govnor of Mons Ascraeus. So I am now called, "Sir Evan."

  • What one word best describes you?
Chang replies, his arms crossed in front of his simple brown tunic. One word? That's difficult--but I would say I am "faithful."

The full plate armor of the second man clinks slightly as he shuffles on his wooden chair. I-I might have said the same thing. But since it has been said, I will say that I am "loyal."

  • How did you first become involved in the story?
I direct the military on Colony Zero, such as it is. Naturally when trouble arose on the surface--Earthers on the verge of discovering our secret underground dwelling--I was called in to stop them.

Um, I began writing the story of what happened at the point where my Lord declared war on the heretic King of Olympus. Th-though you could say I entered the story earlier, when my Lord came to my defense on the pilgrim road to the Gran Templo at Chryse. It was that day I made my pledge of allegiance to him.

  • What worries you?
Well, I am concerned at the behavior of our guests from Earth. I am also concerned for the welfare of my daughter. But nothing really worries me.

Um, well...why is it no one's telling me what's going on? And I wish Sir Isaac didn't act as if he hated me!

  • What's your favourite song?
I love hymns in Chinese but the English language hymn "Amazing Grace" is probably my favorite.

Uh, "Sublime Gracia" is my favorite. Perhaps that's the same as Simon's favorite, b-but in Spanish.

  • What's your favourite food?
There's a mung bean soup I like. But I'm not picky about food.

Sir Evan's eyebrows scrunch together in puzzlement. I eat whatever's put in front of me.

  • What do you think of the other characters?
I'm not sure this question makes sense to me. God is love. As his son, I love all.

Uh, I-I love Madam Susan...and my Lord, if the truth be told. I love my friend Sir Josiah and my horse Gallant. I admire Sanchez...and Sir Isaac. I wish I knew what I have done to displease him so! And, well, the rest I deal with as needed, with no ill will. Even the Heretic King.

  • What do you think should happen?
I think our Earth guests should accept our love and kindness and join Colony Zero of their own free will.

Well, uh, I think...the Heretic King should restore the pilgrimage. My Lord Pederson should win the war. And I would like the hand of the Lady Rebecca--oh, I forgot to mention her above, didn't I? That was a mistake. I hope she doesn't mind...

  • Are you happy right now?
Yes. Of course.

I'm-I'm kind of nervous right now, to tell the truth. I'm not comfortable meeting new people, such as yourself. But, uh, but I would not say that I am not content. I am content. Really.

  • What do you hope to do with your life?
To serve as I have been served. To raise my daughter well.

Sir Evan leans in closer and whispers his last comment. I think I would like to be a lord myself someday. If God so wills it.

(I hope you enjoyed meeting a couple of my characters--it's off topic from my normal story idea theme, except for the notion that there's nothing that keeps an author from having separate story universes interact with one another.)


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Medieval Mars: Collaborating Authors Wanted!

I've built a new story world and I'm inviting other authors to come explore it with me.

Let me first describe the world a bit. On the description of my Medieval Mars novella, I wrote:

"A future terraformed Mars that has fallen into technological collapse. Knights in armor, called "riders," patrol a circuit for pilgrims bound for the Gran Templo Bautista of Chryse Planitia, on a planet divided into feudal governments, where real dragons prowl the lowlands. When the heretic King of Olympus closes the door to the pilgrimage, the outnumbered riders of Ascraeus fight a literal uphill battle into his kingdom, one that marks Sir Evan's life with love and loss in a way he will never forget..."

To add more detail to what I said above, at some future point I'm imagining that human beings deliberately change Mars to make it inhabitable. But then there comes a technological collapse after that, followed by a form of feudalism, as already alluded to. The technological past the people of my world call "The Time of Magic." Some genuine items of the past remain--one of my characters I describe as a "lithium smith" with the power to keep ancient battery-powered instruments operational. I also describe robots and handheld "ray guns" still existing in my story, though rare.

Swords that would be magical in pure fantasy are made of special alloys in this world. In my novella, I in fact make reference a to rider who bears a titanium sword.

I decided that the colonists of Mars made the atmospheric pressure about 2X that of Earth at Martian equivalent of sea level. That way on the highest mountain known to exist anywhere in the universe, Olympus Mons on Mars, atmospheric pressure would be about the equivalent of the top of Mount Everest (I studied atmospheric charts accounting for gravity to draw this conclusion). Which would make it breathable, but barely (Olympus Mons is roughly 25,000 meters--14 miles--higher than its base).

Since the atmosphere is denser in the lowlands and gravity is lower, truly enormous birds are possible, perhaps even big enough to ride on. I stated in my story that someone will genetically engineer Komodo dragons to give them wings and change them so they spit acid, making real dragons (though not intelligent ones thus far) actual inhabitants of this future Mars I've created.

The ranges of technology on the world vary. The Kingdom of Olympus is eager to try to re-establish space travel. Flying machines like zeppelins with sails as per some steampunk tales is a real technological possibility on the Mars I've made.

I've written a novella in this story universe. What I'd like to do is create an entire "Medieval Mars" anthology. Authors joining me with stories of their own would share a split of any profits the sale of the anthology would generate.

Authors interested in more details, please contact me at  BearPublicationsAnthology@outlook.com .

Readers interested in my purchasing my novella, please follow this link to where Medieval Mars is available for Kindle from Amazon.com.

I really enjoy my world concept and would love to share it. Hope you authors out there like it as much as I do. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :)