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The Breen-Boussh Connection

Boussh costume of the sort worn by Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi
A Breen soldier from Star Trek Deep Space 9

Interstellar cross-time transdimensional ethnographers have unraveled an unexpected fact. The Breen, best know for the Romulan saying, "Never turn your back on a Breen" and third-rate villains (in the opinion of some) as allies of the Cadassians and Dominion against the United Federation of Planets in the Dominion War, apparently at one time discovered a secret gateway to "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away."

Available evidence suggests the gateway (or wormhole) interlinking Breen space with the Galactic Empire actually landed Breen troops into this far-removed galaxy in the early days of the Galactic Republic. The community of Breen, unable to locate Hoth (a world reported to be like their own--their helmets contain a refrigeration unit to keep them cold), underwent a number of cultural and physical adaptations allowing them to better survive…

Two Characters Interviewed

Our scene is a tent, someplace dusty, with wind blowing hard outside. I sit across the a wooden table from two men also seated. One I recognize from Colony Zero, the other from Medieval Mars.

What are your names?My name is Simon Chang. Thus says the first man, his openly blind eyes roaming across the room, his broad Asian face adorned with a wide smile.
The second, a lightly built man with close-cropped blond hair and a thin blond mustache, glances nervously at Chang before answering. M-my born name is "Evan." Though by the grace of God, I have become a rider for my Lord Pederson, the Govnor of Mons Ascraeus. So I am now called, "Sir Evan."
What one word best describes you?Chang replies, his arms crossed in front of his simple brown tunic. One word? That's difficult--but I would say I am "faithful."
The full plate armor of the second man clinks slightly as he shuffles on his wooden chair. I-I might have said the same thing. But since it has been said, I w…

Medieval Mars: Collaborating Authors Wanted!

I've built a new story world and I'm inviting other authors to come explore it with me.

Let me first describe the world a bit. On the description of my Medieval Mars novella, I wrote:

"A future terraformed Mars that has fallen into technological collapse. Knights in armor, called "riders," patrol a circuit for pilgrims bound for the Gran Templo Bautista of Chryse Planitia, on a planet divided into feudal governments, where real dragons prowl the lowlands. When the heretic King of Olympus closes the door to the pilgrimage, the outnumbered riders of Ascraeus fight a literal uphill battle into his kingdom, one that marks Sir Evan's life with love and loss in a way he will never forget..."

To add more detail to what I said above, at some future point I'm imagining that human beings deliberately change Mars to make it inhabitable. But then there comes a technological collapse after that, followed by a form of feudalism, as already alluded to. The techno…