Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Medieval Mars: Collaborating Authors Wanted!

I've built a new story world and I'm inviting other authors to come explore it with me.

Let me first describe the world a bit. On the description of my Medieval Mars novella, I wrote:

"A future terraformed Mars that has fallen into technological collapse. Knights in armor, called "riders," patrol a circuit for pilgrims bound for the Gran Templo Bautista of Chryse Planitia, on a planet divided into feudal governments, where real dragons prowl the lowlands. When the heretic King of Olympus closes the door to the pilgrimage, the outnumbered riders of Ascraeus fight a literal uphill battle into his kingdom, one that marks Sir Evan's life with love and loss in a way he will never forget..."

To add more detail to what I said above, at some future point I'm imagining that human beings deliberately change Mars to make it inhabitable. But then there comes a technological collapse after that, followed by a form of feudalism, as already alluded to. The technological past the people of my world call "The Time of Magic." Some genuine items of the past remain--one of my characters I describe as a "lithium smith" with the power to keep ancient battery-powered instruments operational. I also describe robots and handheld "ray guns" still existing in my story, though rare.

Swords that would be magical in pure fantasy are made of special alloys in this world. In my novella, I in fact make reference a to rider who bears a titanium sword.

I decided that the colonists of Mars made the atmospheric pressure about 2X that of Earth at Martian equivalent of sea level. That way on the highest mountain known to exist anywhere in the universe, Olympus Mons on Mars, atmospheric pressure would be about the equivalent of the top of Mount Everest (I studied atmospheric charts accounting for gravity to draw this conclusion). Which would make it breathable, but barely (Olympus Mons is roughly 25,000 meters--14 miles--higher than its base).

Since the atmosphere is denser in the lowlands and gravity is lower, truly enormous birds are possible, perhaps even big enough to ride on. I stated in my story that someone will genetically engineer Komodo dragons to give them wings and change them so they spit acid, making real dragons (though not intelligent ones thus far) actual inhabitants of this future Mars I've created.

The ranges of technology on the world vary. The Kingdom of Olympus is eager to try to re-establish space travel. Flying machines like zeppelins with sails as per some steampunk tales is a real technological possibility on the Mars I've made.

I've written a novella in this story universe. What I'd like to do is create an entire "Medieval Mars" anthology. Authors joining me with stories of their own would share a split of any profits the sale of the anthology would generate.

Authors interested in more details, please contact me at .

Readers interested in my purchasing my novella, please follow this link to where Medieval Mars is available for Kindle from

I really enjoy my world concept and would love to share it. Hope you authors out there like it as much as I do. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :)