Saturday, April 21, 2012

REVIVE--a video game and story idea

Extra lives was a standard feature in video games even earlier than Pac Man and still remains a feature of some video games even today.  Some corner of my brain recently wondered how that would work exactly and I found a new story universe unfolding in my mind.

In "Revive," which I think would be more appropriate as story-based video game than a novel (though it could easily be both), a future exists where medical technology is so advanced that it's possible to bring people back from the dead on a routine basis.  This would be based on massive brain reconstruction after death and sophisticated chips implanted in the brainstem that record a person's mental status at the time of death--a sort of "black box" for the human mind.

People who could afford the regeneration services could be routinely brought back to life--though a medical technology as advanced as this would probably be able to keep the very wealthy alive forever--that is, keep them from death of natural causes.  Death would only come as a result of accidents or by some sort of violence.

The world of "Revive" would be violent in the extreme.  With no more fear of death, ancient ideas of individual honor being resolved by personal combat come back to life.  The very rich dominate the rest of society by their immortality, physically dominate it, acting with a lordly brutality that has a parallel in some vampire stories.

The main character would not be super rich--he'd be an elite soldier who is revived by the government on a regular basis to preserve his enormous knowledge of combat and the political situation.  This character maneuvers through the political and personal combat machinations of the dominant families of the very rich with an eye to right the death of one of his friends.

I'm offering this idea up for use by any and for any comment, but if I were to write this up myself, I'd be interested in aspects of the soul in such a story.  I'd perhaps feature someone coming alive again and never quite feeling like himself or herself again...I'd also feature people who refuse to undergo "Revival" even if they can afford it, because they cling to the religious concept that humans are supposed to be mortal.

Perhaps there could be a war between a religiously-motivated mass, led by a man like a futuristic Oliver Cromwell, who constitute an army of mortal soldiers, fighting against the godlike immortals who spread fear over the planet Earth and the interstellar realms where the humans in this story would roam...