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Around the Wheel

NOTE: The flash fiction story below I wrote for a contest. I didn't win, but it relates to an earlier blog post I called  The Wheel in the Heart of the Universe , a story idea I advanced some time ago based on Stephen Hawking's description in  A Brief History of Time  of a realistic time machine using worm holes. Hope you enjoy my little paradox and I hope it inspires potential writers out there to do similar stories that feature time travel through worm holes: The spinning wheel was enormous, 6,000 light years across, far too large for all of it to be seen. Jax Sorens turned left to look at Dr. Ono. The starship Jax piloted, the White Hand, hovered 200 light years away from the center of this rotating behemoth. “It really is what we thought,” whispered the doctor in awe. “Over 3,000 years ago an ancient alien civilization constructed a set of spinning wormholes, laid out in a gigantic rotating disk. The outer end of the holes travel near light speed, so time is slo