Monday, February 18, 2013

The Natural Hypnotist

A story idea came to me while thinking about the electrical nature of the brain and brainwaves. Brain activity is, of course, electrical in part and the overall activity of the brain produces waves that can be detected through the skin by an EEG (electroencephalogram).

I wondered, “What if someone were naturally keenly sensitive to these mind patterns through the means of electrical conduction, so that if he or she were to touch someone, that would allow picking up the electrical conductivity through another person’s skin, which this person would somehow understand, in effect allowing mind reading?” But the problem with that is the EEG pattern is far to general to reflect specific thoughts. At best it could convey a mood.

However, some brainwave patterns are associated with forms of consciousness other than normal wakefulness. So then I thought, “What if someone had the ability to emit a naturally powerful (but strange) electrical generation of their own brain to override someone else’s brainwave pattern and put that other brain into whatever pattern he or she wished?”

Such a person could instantly drop another person into various stages of sleep, including dreaming (REM) sleep. People like that could also force a person’s brain into the highly suggestive state associated with hypnotism.

Imagine a story in which a villain has such a power. On contact skin to skin contact, his powerful brainwaves can force another person into another state of consciousness. He could use this in a wide variety of ways, but hypnosis would be his primary power—taking what he wanted from others by reprogramming them to do his bidding.

So then imagine the hero having a sort of brain defect that makes him or her immune to the villain’s power, but which also limits and challenges the protagonist. This could be a variety of things for the sake of a story: schizophrenia, cerebral palsy, autism, or even something more extreme, such as having had surgery to divide the hemispheres of the brain to stop severe childhood seizures or something.

Whatever the case is, the villain at some point would try to override the protagonist’s brain based on changing brainwaves through skin contact, but finds it can’t be done for this one person, who in turn realizes something very strange just happened—which the villain can’t allow anyone to know about. The protagonist now has to face the villain’s henchmen chasing after him or her, in the meantime struggling with his or her own brain deficiency, while trying to understand who the villain really is and what he is up to…


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alien God of the Christian Rapture

The term “Rapture” is often used by Christians, especially Evangelical Christians, to describe an event probably best described in I Corinthians 15:51-55 and I Thessalonians 4:13-17, where Jesus takes his believing church up to meet Him while they are still alive on Earth. Multiple possible times for the Rapture have been described by various Evangelicals, but most today believe that this will happen just before a seven-year period of judgment from God raining down on planet Earth, a period usually called the “Great Tribulation.”

During the Tribulation, it’s widely believed that a person (some have interpreted it as an empire or kingdom rather than a person) called the “Beast” in Revelation 13 and elsewhere “the Antichrist” will rule over the doomed but defiant human realm. This standard scenario has been written about exhaustively by my fellow Christian writers, in fiction most famously in the Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins Left Behind series of books.

I’ve heard the suggestion floated that perhaps the unbelieving world will ascribe the sudden disappearance of so many believers to abduction by aliens. That little suggestion has inspired a story idea in me…

Imagine a portrayal of the Antichrist in which he publically proclaims that not only did aliens snatch up the Christians, but that aliens were responsible for existence of Christianity in the first place? If you read the account of God coming down on Mount Sinai to meet Moses in fire and smoke, it sounds almost like a rocket landing. And UFOlogists have long maintained the “wheel within a wheel” of Ezekiel chapter 1 is a description of a UFO.

The figure of the Antichrist in my story would say these events were exactly that—aliens trying to reach humanity in ancient times. And these aliens were bad people, because they, being birdlike (which is why angels are portrayed and having wings, he would say) naturally mate for life and found themselves repulsed by human beings who very often do anything but mate for life. SO these aliens interfered in our culture, trying to rewrite human behavior through the monotheistic religions—especially Christianity—and these aliens would be the ones responsible for the miracles of Jesus (through high tech illusions and cures for diseases) and other signs that supported the founding of these religions in the first place. The attack of these aliens and their cultural intolerance would be portrayed as the reason the Bible says harsh words about homosexuality and “falsely” portrays monogamy as the natural state of human beings—what’s natural to human beings, the Antichrist would say, would be to enjoy one another in any way we desire (in my story, “other aliens” would have appeared to the Antichrist, explaining all of this, offering to “help” him and all of humanity)…

The Antichrist would be portrayed in my story mostly in the way he would portray and think of himself, as a compassionate and powerful human leader, rallying the human race against what he convincingly calls sinister alien forces attacking the Earth repeatedly. In fact, many passages of Revelation, in which a “burning mountain” is said to fall on the Earth (chapter 9), raising up an army of weird creature like locust from “the Bottomless Pit” immediately followed by creatures reminiscent of  centaurs (but not), rather sound like an alien invasion.

The Antichrist would be publically rallying people against these invaders and any becoming Christians after that would be seen as filthy traitors, saboteurs loyal to the enemy. The mark of 666 would be deliberately and openly used to flush out Believers, based on its mention in Revelation 13 and the commandment there to Believers not to take the mark (making it a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy). People would willingly and gratefully line up to mark themselves with “666,” eager to prove they are loyal to the human race and its cause…

As a nation that looks askance at Christianity and its Rapture, the Antichrist would first find it easy to make an alliance with Israel, forgiving their loosely worn monotheism as an overwhelmingly secular state. But once he realizes they do not intend to fully come along with his social program to “rehumanize” religion, which would mean forced acceptance of Paganism (“the original human religion,” he would say), he deliberately defiles whatever he can that’s holy of Judaism and eventually assembles an army to invade Israel.

When the army of heaven descends to meet him, in my story the Antichrist proclaims it’s a host of aliens attacking from above and we humans need to do all we can to fight them—like we so often see portrayed in so many science fiction movies today, such as Independence Day, the Avengers, etc. And in my story I would write characters who would find these explanations persuasive, so persuasive that even believers would wonder if they hadn’t been duped by a God who continually seems to rain down judgment from above…as if from orbit…as if He were, in fact, an alien…