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Gravitational Lens Communications and Observation

As reported in this  Icarus Interstellar  link, there's a natural effect of our sun's (or any star's) gravity that should be included in realistic science fiction stories. It turns out that the sun's gravity bends space enough, and thus the light passing though space, to allow a space telescope or a space telecommunications array to get a significant boost in resolution. So every spacefaring race (or nearly every) would naturally build stations at a sufficient distance from their star to make use of this natural gravitational effect, receiving a huge boost in gain essentially for only the cost of putting the arrays or telescopes in place. You'd probably need multiple stations of this type, at various points around the sun, because the focus would naturally be on things on the other side of the sun relative to the station. And the distance is far, around 700  AUs  from the sun, so it wouldn't be easy to shift a station from one side of the focus to another. (Fo

Unknown Biologic: Aliens with Earth Genetics

Science fiction likes aliens. I've written a story,  Unknown Biologic , that illustrates a twist on the conventional alien tale. There's a presumption which naturally goes along with believing that evolution produced human intelligence that it would produce many other intelligences in the universe, ones that don't necessarily have much in common with the human race. Respectfully, I happen to believe the universe was created by God, so God produced human intelligence and logically would also have created any aliens. I've talked in a previous post about  7 christian objections to the existence of aliens , dismissing those objections for a Christian writer who wants to write science fiction and include aliens in the story. In my posts  four faces around throne of God  and  alien God of the Christian rapture  I offered some distinctly Christian twists on writing about aliens. Now I'm offering another twist. What if when aliens are discovered in a story universe,