Monday, November 4, 2013

Unknown Biologic: Aliens with Earth Genetics

Science fiction likes aliens. I've written a story, Unknown Biologic, that illustrates a twist on the conventional alien tale.

There's a presumption which naturally goes along with believing that evolution produced human intelligence that it would produce many other intelligences in the universe, ones that don't necessarily have much in common with the human race. Respectfully, I happen to believe the universe was created by God, so God produced human intelligence and logically would also have created any aliens. I've talked in a previous post about 7 christian objections to the existence of aliens, dismissing those objections for a Christian writer who wants to write science fiction and include aliens in the story. In my posts four faces around throne of God and alien God of the Christian rapture I offered some distinctly Christian twists on writing about aliens.

Now I'm offering another twist. What if when aliens are discovered in a story universe, it's found that they genetically match up with some creature on Earth? For example, their DNA could match human DNA or be close (this idea was actually on display in the science fiction film Prometheus, which I discussed in a previous post). This would naturally beg the question of how human genetics are found throughout the galaxy. A Christian writer could have a character state the simplest explanation for the phenomenon is a common Creator for us and them, while other characters could ignore this simplest hypothesis and pursue ideas of "parallel genetic development" or panspermia or ancient alien interventions. This could form an unobtrusive way of showing how human intellect at times prefers to explain phenomena by any means but God.

But the aliens don't necessarily have to be like humans to make the point. The aliens could be bearlike or birdlike, for example, with not just outward appearances that match Earth animals, but with DNA that matches them, too. Or is very similar.

Unknown Biologic features an alien that's a near match to an octopus, which happens to have characteristics that would give it distinct advantages in zero gravity over human beings in the future war I hatched up in the story...


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