Thursday, July 5, 2012

Star Trek Propaganda II: The Wrath of...

Imagine the idea raised in the last post—that Star Trek was inspired by Federation propaganda—as the basis for a story plot with a twist. What would Star Trek look like if it had been inspired by Klingon propaganda?

What if a series of Star Trek existed in which shooting first and asking question later was always shown to be the right choice? Where oppressing aliens was shown to be sensible? An episode could feature a bleeding-heart Klingon wanting to treat an alien races as equals, only to have them betray him and eat his liver or something—him dying without honor. A series in which the honor of personal combat is always shown as mattering more than anything else? Episodes could feature lives full regret from those who failed to die in battle or from having rejected the Klingon way.

Or what would Star Trek look like as Romulan propaganda? Stealth and treachery are commended and always work out for the greater good…Or Cardassian...the state always knows best? Or Ferengi, greed really is good—pick whatever enemy of the Federation you like for a dose of their propaganda wrath.

Imagine stories in which everything in Star Trek has all the same basic players, but everything is fundamentally different because all the characters and situations are designed to show one of the alien societies, one of the enemies of the Federation, is fundamentally right. That would change the flavor of everything.

My only regret is, I don’t think the Borg would ever need to create propaganda…


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